mibugirl12 (mibugirl12) wrote,

Hello LJ land!

Howdy! Yes it's me! Your friendly neighborhood Lina! So recently I have started working at Giant. I have no BF but at this point it no longer matters to me. And I spend most of my time with my friend Erica since she is the shit. I have been playing with the new PS3 that I got for x-mas...and BTW Eternal Sonata is an AWESOME game! I have also started dressing like a girl in a more constant basis. Now don't get me wrong...I'm still and anime watching, video game playing, comic reading tom boy...I just look pretty now ^_^. I still spend a lot of my time watching my sisters son but other than that I do what I have always done. I'm actually watching Mushishi right now and it's such a chill anime...it really mellows me out. Anywho...that's all from me!
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